Prevention is better than cure

This is a key service for businesses operating without an in-house IT department and forms part of our Managed IT Service.

It allows your network devices to be monitored and maintained from a remote location, which removes the need for permanent on-site IT staff.

The key term for this product is ‘pro-active’. We don’t wait until something goes down, or fails before we take action. With our remote management platform we pro-actively monitor your devices (servers, workstations, routers, printers, and more) for any wobbles or slow-downs that might suggest a problem, and we take action to resolve it before it hits your working day.

We can even tell you how much ink is left in your printer.

For businesses that rely on IT but don’t have the need for a full time IT department – this service helps fill that requirement at a fraction of the cost.

You pay a monthly amount for only the devices you want covered and will never be hit with an unexpected invoice.


  • Stop most problems before they appear
  • Increased security and protection
  • Rapid response to IT emergencies
  • Reduce downtime, increase performance
  • Control your technology costs


  • Servers, PCs, laptops & networks covered
  • Backups & storage monitored for integrity
  • Hardware & software assets audited
  • Anti-virus & security patches checked
  • 24/7 monitoring & management


  • Billed per device per month
  • From 1 to 1000 devices monitored
  • FREE monthly status reports
  • No infrastructure costs
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