A small IT company with big ideas

I’ve spent 18 years helping businesses with their IT and now realise that to truly make a difference to small business owners, I must become one.

I founded Ridge Technology so I could use my IT experience to help businesses like yours avoid pitfalls and get real value from your IT investments.

We make intelligent use of partnerships and freelancers – and our own expertise – to provide world-class IT services to small and medium businesses.

I’ve watched the IT world change over the last 20 years and found a way to deliver the benefits of this technology revolution to people and their companies.

I take great joy from being able to work with someone to improve or streamline their business – from the smallest tweak to the largest projects.

The greatest reward is finding solutions to problems and seeing someone able to work better, or quicker, or easier because of it.

Call me any time to talk about the problems you want solved.

Why Choose Ridge Technology?

We want our clients to enjoy the same benefits of technology that we do. Our mission is to cut through the jargon, the sales patter and the expense and deliver cutting-edge IT to the people who need it. We do IT without the BS.

We like to keep things simple. We’re experts in a small number of very versatile products that allow our customers to work better without complicating their lives further. Speed, security and service are at the heart of our approach to IT.

We promise to deliver a service at a level you deliver to your own customers. We promise to constantly find ways to make your life easier. We promise to answer the phone. We promise not to make promises we can’t keep.

Our Customer Service Performance

Issues Resolved Within SLA – 96%
Customer Satisfaction Score – 94%
Godfather movies watched 66%
Problems solved remotely – 90%
Data Backup Success Rate 100%

Our Core Values

The principles which guide our decisions and influence our interactions with clients, suppliers and communities.

Get in touch.

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