Have you listened to a cassette recently?

The last time I did was about 1997. Before streaming, before iPods, before MP3s, before CD burning. Technology has progressed in 18 years and it seems ridiculous that we trusted our music collection to flimsy strips of magnetized film rolled up in a plastic case.

Why, then, are so many people still using technology from the 1950s to store their company data?

You no longer trust your music collection to a tape but you’re comfortable with tape being your only protection against the complete loss of every bit of data your company needs to survive

Does that seem like an acceptable risk?

Servers fail, disasters happen, viruses wipe out network storage, disks crash. If you’ve never had a data storage problem you’re very lucky, you’re also due one.

Take Action Now To Protect Yourself.

I’ve seen the look on a man’s face when I tell him his data is gone and I don’t want to see it again. That’s why I offer these services to people like you, running businesses like mine.

Disaster Recovery has evolved. Advances in hardware and software completely remove the risk of data loss or business downtime. Our Disaster Recovery products will back up your entire server every hour and give you instant access to that data if the worst happens.

No Tape Swapping. No Fuss Or Drama. Just 100% Reliability.

Remember trying to find a song on a cassette? You’d find the tape, remove it from the box, stick it in your Walkman or Deck, take it out, turn it over, fast forward or rewind, and finally sit back and enjoy ‘Hip to be Square’.

Compare this with today; you carry your entire music collection (and, with Spotify, more music than you can comprehend) in your pocket, instantly retrievable, accessible, catalogued and indexed, ready for you with a few presses.

This is also how it works with retrieving your data from a backup.

If you’re lucky you’ll have never had to restore an entire server from a backup tape, or even ask your IT supplier to do it. I’ve done it a few times, frequently it’s successful, occasionally …less so. It is always time consuming. It took me three days to recovery one client’s server (including an all-nighter). Time billed by the hour.

They were one of the lucky ones. Some clients choose to manage their own backup tapes but staff leave, tapes don’t get changed, tapes and drives wear out, new data is created and never added to the backup.

There isn’t an IT guy alive that doesn’t have a horror story of unrecoverable data. The scenario that makes a business disappear.

It doesn’t have to be like this any more.

Disks are dirt cheap, some companies rotate USB drives, an improvement but still requires too much interaction. The smart companies use Intelligent Business Continuity.

Thanks to affordable hardware, fast data connections and advanced software it’s possible to backup all your disks on all your servers to one unit. That unit in turn will send the data off-site every night to secure cloud storage.  This happens constantly with no input from you or us. We just install, configure, test and monitor. The result is total peace of mind and instant recoverability should the worst happen.

If you need a file restored we can have a copy in your inbox in 5 minutes.

If your server goes down we can bring up an exact copy, and connect you, within 15 minutes.

No Interruption. No Data Loss. No Drama.

This kind of facility was once the reserve of enterprises and governments but we have a product range that fits with the budgets of any small or medium business.

Contact us today to discuss how easy it is to secure your data against any eventuality.