It once was the case that business owners like you could rely on your most tech-savvy employee to manage your IT functions. After all, your IT functions may have consisted of little more than a server, a couple of printers and a computer on every desk.

IT is your business

IT and technology has crept into every part of your business. It’s your customers’ data, it’s your correspondence history, it’s your marketing and advertising strategy, your network, it’s your key to global reach, your link to existing and potential customers, it’s your intellectual property.

You have to outsource your IT for the same reason you outsource other business functions.

Because your business needs expertise.

You need to spend time doing what you do best.

You need to avoid doing things that cost you time but don’t make you any money.

This is why you have an accountant, it’s why you lease vehicles, it’s why you have office cleaners, why you use HR consultants, solicitors, couriers and PR companies

This is where outsourcing IT makes sense

You need an IT partner to guide you through the ever-changing technology landscape.

Working with a strong IT expert will allow you to harness technology to increase your productivity, secure your data, support your business growth and avoid IT disasters.

Good IT staff are hard to find (we know, we’re always searching) and they don’t come cheap. Outsourcing IT to someone like Ridge Technology will give you an IT department at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

With our IT-as-a-Service model, we can provide you with a range of IT functions normally out of reach of companies with less-lavish IT budgets.

We can look after everything.

  • IT Support (helpdesk and on-call engineers)
  • Hosted Business Email (professional, secure, scalable)
  • Cloud Computing (fast access, low cost)
  • Managed IT (a complete, bespoke service)
  • Consulting & Project Management (on-time and on-budget upgrades)
  • Security & Protection (anti-virus, backups, hacker protection)
  • Disaster Recovery (because the worst can, and does, happen)
  • Software Licencing (stay legal and control costs)
  • Virtual Computing (get the most out your server hardware)
  • Websites & Mobile Apps (sleek design, smart development)

Yes, everything.

You can choose to hand over as much or as little of your IT services to us, we love working with your people to create a technology team that fits your business.

Ridge Technology is powered by IT experts with years of industry experience and a passion for new technology. We use cutting-edge services and revolutionary products to provide the kind of service that used to be confined to big corps and governments.

The outsourcing game is changing and we’re the ones changing it.

We know that IT isn’t just about computers, printers and routers; it’s about people and giving them solutions to problems using technology.

It’s about working with businesses to understand their IT problems and needs.

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