Personal or ISP email addresses look like this –,,… if you’re using something like this for your business email, you’re doing it wrong.

It’s unsecured, unprofessional, and gives customers a bad impression.

Don’t lose out on income by making this simple mistake.

Research shows that businesses and individuals are more likely to use a company with their own email domain.

You own domain name (e.g., conveys TRUST, it suggests STABILITY and SECURITY.

The Top 3 Risks with Personal/ISP Email

1. Lack of Freedom. Want to change Internet Provider? You’re going to have to change your van decal, your business cards and any other place where you’ve published your personal ISP email address for business. Or maybe you’ll just stick with your under-performing, over-charging ISP?

2. No Security. Ever been hacked? ISP email addresses are easy-pickings for hackers who spam phishing messages to your address book. Imagine your customers got dodgy emails from you?

3. Disorganisation. By separating your business and personal mailboxes you immediately become more organised. You don’t miss important emails and you don’t get distracted when you should be working.


Take the simple step of using a custom business email domain to protect your company and your customers.

The Top 3 Benefits from Using a Business Email Domain

1. Security: You are much less likely to be hacked and you have full protection from viruses and spam email.

2. Client Perception: A business with their own domain might be just one guy, or they might be 100 strong. A business with an ISP email address is definitely small. My clients use simple email tricks to appear as a larger organisation and win larger contracts and customers.

3. Organisation: Route your business email to any device or person, set automatic replies to customers or prospects, use a professional email signature, securely archive your mail, NEVER lose an important email again.

Some of the many reasons for switching to your own email domain

  • NOTIFICATIONS for urgent business emails.
  • Change ISP or mobile provider without having to change any mailboxes or email addresses.
  • RUN business and personal mailboxes on your phone, laptop, tablet, or PC.
  • PUBLISH unlimited addresses; ‘sales@yourcompany’, ‘accounts@yourcompany’ – these can all route to a single mailbox!
  • SEND email from any custom address.
  • Customers perceive companies with ‘proper’ email addresses as larger, more professional, more reliable and likely to be around for the long term.
  • SCALE your email as you grow, add new addresses as you need them.
  • Create a mailing list and to sell directly to existing and new clients.

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